Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BLOGPOST#1: Cosplay makes you creative!

There are some people who wanted to imitate their favorite characters in anime, video games, cartoons, movies or even those famous celebrities, both in local and international. But, do you think it’s important? Yes? No? Maybe? Cosplay is short for “costume play”, which involves dressing up and people who take part in cosplay are called “cosplayers”. Everyone can cosplay. Children, teenagers or even adults, there is no specific age that one should meet to become a cosplayer as long as you can represent the character and support your own expenses for the event.

Do you know that every year, more than hundred costumed visitors participate in the cosplay competitions? Despite of all the cost of their costumes and their very hectic schedules, people still attend to those events. No matter how far the cosplay event, even if its traffic or they get hassled in bringing their huge and heavy costumes. Why? It’s simply because they love cosplaying.

Let’s talk about my opinions in cosplaying. Me, as having a relationship with a girl, who likes to cosplay.. Well, at first I feel like I’m curious about why my girlfriend suddenly decided to cosplay. I was like, “What’s up with her?”. Whenever she has time, she attends to cosplay events even though for a short time. I’m really not against it, but seeing her getting distract from her studies makes me think that she should stop.

Other cosplayers make their own costume, which is less expensive and more practical than buying or those made-to-order ones. Some of their materials were recycled and are easy to assemble. So if you want to cosplay, and you have a talent in arts such as drawing, painting and even making props then you are lucky because you can do whatever costumes you want.

Some cosplayers are also having it as their own business. Saying that cosplay is so expensive? Yeah you’re right but on the other hand cosplaying can make money too. Cosplayers make their way to regain their expenses by having a business. Selling or renting. It really can make money too. I found an article entitled “Dress for success” by Florence Wong. According to Florence Wong, "Cosplay enthusiast turns hobby into business."  This article is all about a cosplayer girl named Natalie Lam who makes her hobby into a business. It indicated that she make her interest into a career and shows to other people about cosplaying. Those kinds of customized costumes are much expensive because it requires a lot of hard work, depending on the materials that they will be using. See that? not just spending money but also it can make more money!

I also found an article entitled “Disadvantages of having cosplay convention in the Philippines" by Bitter Bebang. According to Bitter Bebang, "Filipinos decrease in awareness when it comes to Filipino culture." The major disadvantage of having cosplay conventions in the Philippines was discussed in the article. It is stated that people tend to forget the Filipino culture; instead they accept other countries culture and enriching it rather than our own. But on the other-hand their are some advantage from it. It can make the Filipino cosplayer to socialize with other cosplayer and philippines will get more tourist.

The author also indicate the other  disadvantage and advantage of cosplaying to your life. There are more disadvantages from being a cosplayer. Some costumes are too expensive that it will drain your money but some people use their style so they will not spend too much money. The second is time management. From what I have seen from my girlfriend, she’s being distracted from her studies. Making her hassle and get stressed. Lastly, not all people around you accepts cosplaying, they might judge you from what you’re doing.

The advantages of cosplaying are the following: the cosplayers can be updated on the new animes that was recently released; Cosplayers can socialize with other fellow cosplayers; Our country can cooperate with other countries in making programs in which people can socialize thus, increasing the number of tourists here.

And it also has benefits in your life from being a cosplayer according to the author. The author said that, "You may learn new skills in arts and crafts, handle your own finances, become more outgoing and less shy, and new aspects of your self thus self-realization and identity comes more easily! ". This benefits can help you improve your life and gain more knowledge from yourself as a cosplayer. You can use this advantage when encountering a problems. Thus it will make your life easier and comfortable. Example me I got problems in life, I'm not confident on myself but if I try cosplaying it will make myself overcome from being shy or nervous. And also as a student it will make my grades good by having this benefits.

Being a cosplayer makes you creative. For me, you can apply your talent of creativity in cosplaying. Like for example, when making your own costumes. You are the one who designs, decides what color or style it will be. Also, in cosplay you can show your talent in acting, singing, and modeling and they don’t care no matter what other people think about them.  Well, people do everything to support their expenses in their hobby, just to have fun. So if you want to try to cosplay and you’re a little short of budget, you might want to consider buying cheap raw materials to make your costume, its more affordable. Therefore cosplay can develop your skills in imagination and creativity.