Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BLOGPOST#5: Cosplay Culture

What do you know about cosplay? Well, nowadays it is considered as one of the most popular known sub-cultures in other countries, which are particularly in Japan and America. You may realize it once you had seen or been to a comic-con or anime convention. People dressing up like your favorite anime character can be very entertaining. There are different types of cosplay. One of them is the American cosplay and Japanese cosplay. American cosplay consists of dressing up as characters that are widely known in America such as the Marvel heroes, Justice League and Star Wars characters. Japanese cosplay can be portrayed as dressing up as an anime character, video game characters, idols,and lolita and gothic fashions. You can find most Japanese cosplayers in the streets of Harujuku, a famous district in tokyo known for its cosplaying community. Most cosplayers in America can be found in conventions such as San Japan which is held every year.

In the Philippines, cosplay had been widely recognized by the Filipinos. As time goes by, in every cosplay convention, the number of cosplayers and even non-cosplayers who are attending to it are getting bigger and bigger in number. Even a large venue in the mall is not enough to accommodate all those cosplay fanatics. So you'll often see some cosplayers outside and you can take photos with them, for free..Also, it can be a reason for family bonding. Cosplayer usually do it for their friends, families and relatives. I had seen that a lot of them were fully supported by their parents. There are also a whole family who cosplay as a group. Isn't it cool? Enjoying cosplay while with your family? In a cosplay convention, you'll see a lot of collectible anime items, such as anime figures, stuff toys, accessories, wigs, costumes and a lot more.

I found an article entitled "What is cosplay?" by Joy Alari. From what I have read in the article, cosplay is the most popular sub-cultures in America and Japan. It is about the comparison of cosplaying between America and Japan. In Japan, they do cosplay anywhere but in america there are only places that you can cosplay like the conventions. Or else, people might think you're weird. In Japan you can see cosplayers acting the anime they copied on the street like no one judge them but in America you better not cosplay in public or else they might call you crazy and make fun with you.

According to the author, "In Japan, Cosplay events and even Cosplayers themselves can be seen strutting their stuff on the streets, as well as acting out their anime characters. In the United States Cosplayers or Cosplay events, are only seen at conventions." As what I've said earlier, it is really ridiculous to wear anime costume in publicity when your in America. Even here in Philippines, people might judge that you have a mental illness or abnormalities. Its better to cosplay in convention when your not in Japan. But it still depends on you.. If you have the courage to wear something like that outside, not in conventions.. then go. You might get embarassed of yourself. So if you want to cosplay anywhere then try to live in Japan.

I also found an article entitled, "Cosplay culture is heavily influenced by media." Social media help people to get connections with everyone who cosplays even though your in overseas, even in video games over platforms like youtube or peer to peer services. Its easy to introduce cosplaying with facebook friends and multiple blogs which covers your photos in cosplaying. It is easier to advertise the cosplay cultures to other people. Thus it helps to get more people to cosplay.

According to the author, "Some people are concern of the harmful effects of doing cosplay." Its a part of cosplaying to be a character that has a exposed in all violence, gore or even sexual graphic that comes from a video game or anime series. Examples, an anime called Elfen Lied, which contains a lot of violence, gore nudity that are bad to childrens. Even animes that are bold. A child seeing you wearing just a bra and panty? or seeing you having a deadly weapon? they might imitate you and do it in reality. 

Its okay to have a cosplay in the Philippines since the people have already accepted that kind of culture. Children that are cosplayers and are attending cosplay conventions must be accompanied by their parents..So that they will be guided on what they will see in those cosplay events. And they will not have misconceptions on cosplay. Enriching other country's culture will also enhance harmony between the local and foreign cosplayers. Having a cosplay here in our country can also make more tourist and can be helpful in our economy. 

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