Monday, February 3, 2014

BLOGPOST#2: Cosplayer vs Fashion model

There are some similarities and differences between a cosplayer and a fashion model. They both participate by wearing different kinds of clothes and accessories to present it to other people, that can also be seen in magazines. Though they seem to be alike, but they are being featured in such different ways. Cosplaying is just a hobby that involves dressing up, and even acting while imitating your favorite anime characters. In some cases, cosplayers can also earn money by joining events but make sure that you’ll be one of the winners in the cosplay competitions. Compared to fashion models, they perform by wearing different clothes as a career to make some money. They have been influencing people over the years.

So, what does a cosplayer do?  Choosing an anime character (preferably the favorite one), they imitate in what anime characters they wear and they also copy the way the anime acts and perform it to other people.  Customizing/tailoring their own costumes, others may buy a ready-made one. The costumes are prepared ahead of time, and then they just wait for the scheduled cosplay events to show-off their costumes and talents in cosplaying.

How about a fashion model?  I usually watch TV, so sometimes I see those TV channels on fashion modeling.
The fashion models uses their good looks and they wear a number of glamorous outfits by a famous or a new fashion designer. Aside from fact that they are indeed a head-turner because they can captivate the attention of their audience.They can also attract buyers for the clothing line that they are modeling for, and sell the clothes that they are modeling, making them to earn more cash.

I read an article entitled “What is cosplay and why do people do it?” by Molly McIsaac. From my personal opinion, cosplayer does it because of having fun to it. By just dressing up and imagining what to imitate, it will give you excitement and even enjoyment. Having interaction with other people boosts up the self-confidence of  those cosplayers. They also receive a lot of positive comments, verbally and through actions of the people around them like smiling and waving their hands to say "Hi". They have more interaction with other people, and cosplayers may have a good social life. That's why too many people want to cosplay.

According to the author, "Cosplay is about two things. First it’s about expressing the things you love and the second part is having a community From what I have read, it is because of Love and the Community. Cosplayers do it because of having of fun. Having an interest and getting inspired to it. That’s why they imitate the characters because they love it. Cosplaying also makes friends and they are enjoying it with them. Making yourself known by others (a chance to socialize with others). The people get amazed and they will be taking you some photos with them whether children, teenagers and even adults. With the acceptance of cosplay, and you as a cosplayer, you'll get the feeling that it is fun to do it again, so that's why people do cosplaying. How does it affect our lives for being a cosplayer?  Cosplayers entertains the people and also makes them happy with their physical appearance as an anime character, they give life from those fictional characters to famous celebrities in the movies.Cosplayer also influences other people to do the same thing. Thus, encouraging the people to cosplay.

I found an article entitled "What does fashion model do?" by Alli Rodenhauser. Fashion model works to a company that promotes clothes, accessories to the customer. Catwalking in the show then the photographer take their pictures on how they model the items. It can help the makers of their goods to sell it fast to the buyers. Thus Fashion modeling commercialize the clothes what good to us to wear. 

 According to the author," A fashion model works with designers and companies to display new clothes, accessories and trends, often appearing in runway shows, photo shoots, or collection presentations." Modeling involves a lot of stresses, meaning it is very easy to get into unhealthy habits so you should eat healthy foods, sleep well, and get a good exercise. As a fashion model that usually appears in magazines or in newspapers editorials, and also might be choosen to be in a fashion show. Fashion models can promote clothes and accesories to the costumers, in the media and to fashion buyers. They appear in fashion shows and get photograph. Fashion model performed it by doing cat walks in fashion shows. 

If someone will ask me what will I choose between the two, I would reply to them that I prefer being a fashion model, instead from being a  cosplayer. Because fashion model is a career and you can earn a high salary from it, while cosplay can require you to spend a lot of money, if you really want an extravagant type of costumes. You can earn money from it, but only a little (the costume might be more expensive than the prize money). Cosplay is all about dressing-up or imitating characters, and considered as a hobby. Every person aims to have better future. But still, it depends on the person from what they will choose. Others might decide to become a cosplayer than a fashion model. Because cosplaying also has many good benefits that a person can experience.   


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