Monday, February 10, 2014

BLOGPOST#4: Psychology in Cosplay

Have you ever went into a mall and suddenly you saw some people in costumes? As if they are those famous superheroes or an anime character you that you thought you'll just see in television or movies? Seems realistic? Well..maybe because some are really good at it. that time, the first time you saw people dressed like that..What is the first thing that came out on your mind about what they are doing? Do you also wonder how other people perceive them as cosplayers?

Some people don't really understand, why those people would choose to dress their selves in that way. Others may view it positively, in which they see cosplayers as a cool individual who likes dressing up as a character. While others may view it negatively. Others may say that they are out of place. Because for them, it's not even halloween to wear costumes. They also think that cosplayers are weird and crazy people. Also, they might think that pretending to be something or someone that you're not, is a way of not accepting who you are because you wanted to be like someone else.
Sometimes when me and my girlfriend go to malls, we see some people wearing costumes..whether they are alone or in a group..even though there's no cosplay event there. What came into my mind was "Why are they wearing costumes while playing games in Timezone, ice skating, eating and even walking around the mall?". I'm curious about if they care about what other people might think about them.

On my opinion, cosplay is a hobby. It is what other people do to have fun or be entertained throughout their lives. It's just like when a person always wanted to eat his/her favorite food, play their favorite sports or even wearing their favorite dress or outfits. There's nothing wrong with cosplaying. It is the same as people would want to be treated as normal individuals. But others may think that it is a sign of mental illness, that they are just crazy people wearing costumes.

I found an article entitled "Investigating the Psychology of Cosplay" by Lisa Granshaw. From what I have read, their are two clinical psychologists who created "Psychology of Cosplay" and they are Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Dr. Robin Rosenberg. Letamendi make a survey because she thought that cosplayers had a psychological issues. After reviewing the data they make, their are no sign of mental illness. Its just that they only want to cosplay because of having fun with it and with others. The other 
one survey that they make is all about who cosplay the most between men and women. 

According to the survey, majority of the participants are the women, which Letamindi said that it might be the number of factors such as  types of websites. However Chaka Cumberbatch, who cosplay since 2008, said that more women cosplay than men because of the fashion that women get and that fashion dont appeal to men.

According to the author, "They cosplay for creativity, to be social and hang out with friends, because they identify with the character and that’s meaningful to them".  Result of the study, people cosplay for creativity, to socialize with others, to meet new people. It said that on the top of all why they cosplay because of what fun they get to it. Don't judge them on how they look.. Its just like playing a sport game with your friends. And also it helps people who cosplay to educate themselves in different ways, therefore you can learn many things in just cosplaying.

I found an article entitled, "Cosplay: form of Escapism or Self-Expression" by Ajaberico. He study about the escapism and other psychological disorders regarding to cosplaying. from what i have read in wikipedia, escapism is a mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an escape from perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. Sometimes we get depressed on our love life, schools or even at home. I agree that cosplay can help forget the problems we get in our daily life because having fun with it can give us enjoyment and forget the bad feelings we have. We can obtain escapism not only in cosplaying but in different ways by having fun. So the author believed that all people are escapist in different ways.

According to the author, "I'm no card-carrying psychologist or sociologist, but I can tell you roughly on the observations I made that cosplay is now part of the modern escapism." Even in myself and everything I observe, its really true that all of us are escapist. I'm not a cosplayer but sometimes when I get sad feelings, I usually play computer games to escape and forget my problems in my life. From what I experience, also all the people who I really know, They also do the same thing I did to myself. Just to forget problems. So I really agree to the article that I have read.

Cosplaying is not really a bad habit. Even though people might judge you from what you look like. On the positive side it really helps in many different ways and you can learn many things in just cosplaying. Maybe some of them are abnormal but cosplaying can help restrain your problems so you will not get depressed on it. I thought that people are crazy when I saw them dressing up like that outside but I learn that they do that because of having fun like me having fun in my sport game. So cosplaying now is really cool for me and a sport.

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