Monday, February 17, 2014

BLOGPOST#6: Lolita - Cosplay or Fashion?

Ever heard of Lolita cosplay? Or maybe you remembered it as Lolita Fashion? But what is the real definition of Lolita? Well, I guess that people are confuse in what really is Lolita. Do you know that Lolita is a Japanese street fashion inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods? Some are saying that Lolita is a cosplay, even though its really a kind of fashion. But why do some people wear Lolita clothes in cosplay events? Maybe its because in another way it is accepted as a type cosplay.  Lolita is very attractive, each type of Lolita has its own signature design, particularly with ribbons. You can tell what type of Lolita they are portraying through the color of their outfits and the design of the dress.

On my opinion, whether Lolita is a cosplay or fashion, they are closely related. I mean, you can choose to wear Lolita during cosplay conventions. As long as you are having fun. One can wear whatever you like during cosplay events, there is no dress code anyway. Lolita fashion has been widely known nowadays, together with cosplay and had been accepted by most of the cosplayers. Dressing up as a Lolita can be quite expensive, because of its complicated and elegant designs. Their outfits can be captivating and some are colorful, that children may want to take photos with. Lolita is also been related to maid cosplays or looking like a doll.

I found an article entitled "lolita is not cosplay" by Jim W Chamberlain. The article explained that lolita was not a cosplay. It was a fashion that was greatly evolve in Japan. Lolita expand to different to countries, from Japan to Philippines to Europe then UK and US. While expanded to different countries, it also develop the style of the fashion. Most of all styles of lolita can be open to various interpretations, the expression of it used exactly to a very precise look that is designed by abiding by a variety of strict rules and principles. It doesn't mean that wearing a lolita fashion will limit the person, but instead contenders of what makes an collaborative Lolita. On the other and it has many different variety of style of rules.

According to author, "So you see Lolita can be a lifestyle or a culture ,it is definitely a fashion." Because Lolita can be wear in different places, even though it just in casual way, just going malls or just at home. They are very specific about their cloths as they are luxurious and detailed about what is included in there style and simulated in a good choice. It has nothing to do with other culutures. By wearing it you can be look nice, cute, sweet. and also elegant. Now a days being a fashion, people enjoy living a Lolita lifestyle, in which you will be recognized as good looking women when wearing it. People might see you as a princess who looks elegant in many ways. People wear it because of beauty that they will get to it. Thus making other people inspired by just looking to you.

I also found an article entitled "Lolita in Japan" by Terasa Younker. Wearing a Lolita in Japan can people make you look "kawaii". Kawaii is a term used by people when you look cute. It is a culture that evolved only in Japan. By wearing a Lolita can make you look like a child that has a elegant looks. Lolita Fashion is primarily founded in the neo-romantic notion of childhood and encourages its devotees not only to dress like children, but indulge in childish activities such as playing with stuffed animals and eating sweets. Embracing a fashion that idealizes doll-like cuteness also allows Lolitas to escape from contemporary standards of beauty.

According to author, "Cuteness is used to soften up the vertical society, to soften power relations and present authority without being threatening." Being cute to a men will make them defenseless and will attract to you without hesitation, same goes to other countries and that's why they get influenced by it. Therefore it will make the countries to live together in the right way and will be united. They point out that the cuteness craze is particularly acute in Japan, where it goes by the name "kawaii" and has absorb by other countries as it got well known by others and also has infiltrated the most masculine of redoubts. Cute is the number one reason women give for why they wear Lolita. You can have power to provoke people minds and will make inlove in your look because of the cuteness of what it can produce. But cuteness has not always been a mainstay of Japanese culture.

For me, from what I have search. Lolita is more on fashion but can be also used when you cosplay. Because Lolita is more on elegant and cuteness looks than cosplay costumes and has a high price in expenses when buying it. Lolita suit can wear anywhere you want. You can use it when you go malls, anyplace that you want to go or even just at home. compare to cosplay. Cosplay costume can be used only on a event. Wearing Lolita can make people attract to you. It also make an adult to a child look because you will look kawaii but most of adult hate lolita fashion style. It will be nice to have a culture of Lolita here in Philippines. Thus making people wear different style of fashion and will look nicely.

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