Monday, February 17, 2014

BLOGPOST#8: Science in Cosplay

How people cosplay? First they choose their favorite character to imitate then they make the same costume of what character wears after that, cosplayers goes to different events and portraying it to other people like acting the way the chosen character  used to act. Isn't cool? Making creativity to your life? Some of us have boring life, like do nothing, no hobbies. So try cosplay and make fun with it. Most of cosplayers striving on finding the right materials to construct their own wonderful creations. Even on other hobbies, just the same as cosplaying, you must do everything to produce it and so you can play your hobbies. But other cosplayers don't have the skills to make their very own costume so they just make it to other experts. Making your costume, you must have the skills of being accurate, so you can make the same as what the character wears. Not also on what it wears but also the same as the looks of it.

Every time that my girlfriend used to cosplay in different places and events, I saw other cosplayers that wears different costumes. They used different materials to create their look alike costumes. Some of them wears dress that only produce by cloth but others are built in rubber sheet, to build a fully armored suit. And also the materials used to create a weapon, it is composed of different supplies to make one of it. You know that its hard to create something that is big, to manage the time that consume, and also the stressed that comes from it. Not only that but also the expenses used in buying materials of your costume. Furthermore it's really expensive and it will drain your money. With my girlfriend, we go to divisoria to buy her materials for cosplaying. Then after buying the materials, we go to the dressmakers. They are the one that sew the costumes of my gf. They measure it so she will have a good costume and it will be fitted to her body. See how stressfull it is? You must be fully love cosplaying to do everything like that. Actually I'm inspired of them because of the effort or the hard-work they do just to make their own costumes to look a like with their favorite characters. They just really love cosplay!

I found an article entitled "10 Awesome Cosplay Examples Inspired by Science Fiction" by Brett JF From what I've read, the 10 amazing characters are the Guyver who has a good features of custome wth removable breast plate. Next was Cloud Strife from final fantasy 7, it was chosen because of the hair style without using wigs. Bumble Bee from Transformers, it was chosen because of expenses used and produce to make one big character. Then next is Jin-Roh of wolf brigade, it was chosen because of the good quality of combat costume and the glowing eyes of it. Then next is Rikku from final fantasy 10, it was chosen because of not the costume but the looks of her body that can attract more people. Next is Iron Man from the movie itself, is was also chosen because of its quality of the costume, it has the same look as the Iron Man in the movie. Next is Gundam from gundam wing, it was chosen, like the Iron Man and Bumble bee, They have unique materials to create this awesome costume. Next is Asuka Langley from evangelion, it was chosen because it has the fetish looks. Next is Ivy Valentine from soulcaliber, it was chosen because of the looks that also attracts people. And lastly is the Doctor Octupus from spiderman, it was chosen because of the center of the tentacles that lights up. Try to go to other conventions and you will see the same as what the article shows. There are tons of good cosplayers that cosplay the characters. Good looks to Even greater looks.

According to the author, "Cosplayers: we may poke fun at their failures from time to time, but you know as a kid you did the exact same thing. Much like there’s always going to be someone who has a bigger, better car than you, the same also applies for costumes." You know that its hard to create one of your masterpiece. It takes more time to make one. You must contain the ability to build like more creative and being more accurate. Others might judge you because of your costume that isn't 100% same and maybe they make fun with you. We sometimes fail to make the same costume and still we learn from our mistakes, to make bigger and good cosplay. Cosplayers do everything just to look alike with their favorite characters. One's you make your own, their is still other people that cosplay the same as you and has a  better quality looks than you. Well it is a hobby, sometimes we fail because no one is perfect.

I also found an article entitled "You built What?! A real Iron Man suit" by Gregory Mone. From what I've read from the article, a man who created a real Iron Man suit that inspired many people. Anthony Le was basically a fan of the Movie Iron Man since he was a kid. After heard of the superhero was hitting the big screen in 2008, He was stirred to create his very own Iron Man suit. Anthony, also a fitness consultant, studied some concept sketches of the suit posted on the Internet.   He uses different kinds of unique materials to build a real Iron Man suit.  He actually plans to wear it on the movie and also in sci-fi conventions. And he suit up to saw by people in the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, to make the kids happy, and the staff was delighted that they prepared him his own ID card. The Iron Man suit was completed in just 1 Month and the cost was worth $4,000+. That cost make the Iron Man suit contains more different worthy features.

According to the author, "A homebuilt superhero suit that looks as good as the silver-screen version"  Cosplayers do everything to make their costume to be look like the same as character you imitate as look real and to be well known by others. Even though it cost more money, they still are doing it. Inspired by the character looks and the special effects of it, you will really be motivated to create your own super hero suit. You can also inspire other cosplayer because of having the real thing. Sacrificing the time, effort and hard work to it, there are still benefits that you will receive. And using it on convention will make you praise by people. Thus receiving fames and also you will receive good rewards. There is nothing bad that will happen if you try it right? So try to create one. You might become rich by just creating your real superhero suit.

Cosplayers motivated to create and wear a certain costume because of the pleasure they get on it. Dressing up different costume that will fit your looks. Trying more good on it to become an awesome cosplayer. To get famed by other people. To learn more things about it. That's why they cosplay. Some cosplayers comparing their  costume to other cosplayers that has same as them. You, as a cosplayer might encounter with the same as your character that has better imitation than you. But we can also learn and challenge to do better. Some people praise other cosplayer more because of the good quality of the costume. Better costume comes from making more fans. And also it can make you more friends, that will make your social life expand. Basically, you also learn different skills while cosplaying. Example is making your very own costume. It help a lot, that will enlarge your knowledge in creativity. Skills that can be used on your daily life and also from your future. That's why cosplay is helpfull because it has different benefits that can be used in your life. Whether it also has disadvantages, it is still manage more advantages for you.

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