Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BLOGPOST#3: Having Fun in Cosplay?

Every person has their own ideas to make themselves happy. People search for their abilities and hobbies that they can do to experience enjoyment and satisfaction in certain things. Others are discovering  their talents throughout their lives. Some people do find pleasure in such foods, sports, receiving awards, doing excellent in their studies, relationships or even as simple as reading their favorite books, watching TV or doing nothing. Some do find happiness and contentment through applying their talents and abilities to  something. Just like in cosplay, there are different ways to achieve happiness. These are imitating the anime or fictional characters that the people idolized, especially the children ,making the impossible to be possible. It is like seeing the anime character that you like, in real-life.

From what I saw in my girlfriend, she usually cosplays different anime characters like Shihou of Sola, Yakumo from School Rumble, Alice in Madness, Luigi from a video game and Sakura Miku from Vocaloid. There are a lot choices of characters to imitate, whether it is from a movie, anime series, video games or even famous celebrities who portrayed the roles of heroes in a movie. Choosing what character to cospaly, is very exciting because you'll get to decide on what character you'll finally be having as the final one. My girlfriend chooses the character that she likes. She thinks about all of her favorite anime characters, then plan and practice acting like that character. She also considers the opinion of others, like her friends, family and also from me. Finally, she chooses the anime that best fits her looks and attitude.

I feel happy whenever I see that she's having fun when cosplaying with her friends. She smiles, makes funny hand gestures like a peace sign in photos, makes poses like holding on to her props and talking to the people. Bonding with friends while cosplaying and chit-chatting with them. While she cosplays, she also get herself  to enjoy when people come around her and  takes a solo picture of her or even with them. Me, her friends and even her family is very supportive of her hobby as a cosplayer. That's why she wants to continue doing it because of having fun with it.

I found an article entitled "What's wrong with you? Making Fun of Cosplay"by Josh Flanagan. Its about the Cosplayer that make the New York Comic Con still on. Many people visited comic con, family or friends so they get cool stuff, cosplay their anime characters or just having a tour. Cosplayer do everything even if others think that they look crazy they are still showing it because they want to be in the cosplay event. Using all the efforts, time and money just to have fun cosplaying.  

According to the author  "You don’t need to be into wearing a costume to understand why someone else would, and at the end of the day, being the cool guy at a comic-con seems like a silly thing, so why would anyone do it by knocking someone else down? Live and let live. We’re all nerds to someone, and honestly, fuck those guys." Yes its true. Even though they look weird or look crazy, they can entertain people. Maybe half of the people will like you. Not only the cosplayers are happy, but also the people who continues to support them. It is like making the dream of a child to see their favorite cartoon character or Disney princesses in person such as Snow white, Cinderella and even Ariel from the Little Mermaid. On the part of the cosplayer, it is also a dream come true to be that character.

I also found an article entitled "5 Reasons to Cosplay Before You Die" by Joshua Yehl. Its all about the reasons why a cosplayer  must do it before they die. Some people that cosplaying wants to became popular by just cosplaying like the other cosplayer that are now popular. You know what YOLO means? YOLO in short means that "You Only Live Once" so you must do everything before you die. Because when you died, you don't know what will happen to you and you will never do the things you want to do. 

According to the author "Cosplay is an integral part to any comic convention. But what is it? For the purposes of it, cosplaying is dressing up in a costume. It’s as simple as that. This can encompass all sorts of mediums from gaming to anime to movies to TV and, you guessed it, comic books." In every year their are many events that held in a comic convention. Many people goes there to perform their own cosplaying costumes. They imitating anime characters that are show in tv, movies, or even in games. Once you get to do it, its like an addiction that is hard to stop because of fun their. I already told you, if you didn't do what you want it will be a waste. There's nothing bad will happen if you just try it right? So do it and make a fun with it. Because once you died you'll never get a chance to try it. 

Cosplaying creates fun not only to the cosplayers but also to the people who sees them. Seeing a Cosplayer will get you entertain and also be amazed by them. There are many benefits that you will gain by just cosplaying. While having an enjoyment in cosplaying it also improves your knowledge in creativity thus, letting your imaginations expand. It really has a lot of benefits that a person needs.Like use it to have a good social life. Making friends, your own costumes, choosing to imitate, what to wear? Even though you look weirdos to other people they still continue  to cosplay because it is really fun. It is really full of excitement and discoveries. 

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