Monday, February 17, 2014

BLOGPOST#7: Can't Get Enough of Cosplay?

Have you ever seen some cosplayers that dyed their hair in red, blue, or blonde? And you thought wearing wig for some way enough to actually look-like the character that they are portraying? Maybe? Have you seen cosplayers that are very close to looking like celebrities? Well, how about barbie? Maybe some girls would want to look like her. How about for the guys? Maybe your wanted look like super hero? People do everything just to be their favorite character. Not just on wearing costume but on changing on what has God has gave to you. Do you think its appropriate to do that in real life? You change everything that God has given to you? Actually many people already do that if you know? Just for the sake of being like that and having more than cosplay.

In my opinion, for some people wearing wigs, being in costumes and acting like the character was already enough. But some people, they just can't be contented that they must undergone a plastic surgery, just to look like their favorite character. Well, if you have the money, then... Why not? But if you are having trouble in terms of financial, then you might want to consider alternatives to look really the same with the character that you wanted to cosplay. If you have a long black hair, then you can choose between with the same characteristics as yours. Then choose a character with a long black hair. Its more practical than buying wigs or even from having a plastic surgery.

I found an article entitled "Meet the Real-life Barbie" by Misty White Sidell. Plastic Surgery is an option for it. People undergo plastic surgery to correct or be their desired person that they wanted to be. An example is Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the real-life barbie doll. She had undergone a lot of plastic surgery procedures just to look like barbie doll, in which was successful (before and after photos). Everything in his face look real barbie. She looks like a big toy just staring her in a picture.
According to author, Valeria's sister said that "She’s always had this doll-like look, but a doll is associated with an unintelligent person, and since my sister is very bright and interesting, I've never associated her with Barbie."  Valeria make herself criticize by other people. She might call by others a crazy girl or even call her an insecure person who doesn't satisfied from what she has. Being look like a doll can give you beauty, feminine and refined. Image of refined girls are based on dolls. She is not contented on herself making herself a real barbie. She want too have more beauty to herself, to look nice and elegant and making people attract to her by her looks. Changing everything to yourself can also lead you to anti-Christ. Its very bad thing when comes to God.

I also found an article entitled "Obsessed Superman fan has cosmetic surgery to look like his hero" And you think that only other countries have people like them. Well, not because locally, we have our own  superman. Another example is our very own Herbert Chavez, who happens to be a Filipino. He is from Calamba Laguna. He admires superman or Clark Kent so much that he had chosen to look-like the actor who played the role of superman. Like Valeria Lukyanova, he also achieved his goal to look like superman through plastic surgery. He has dramatically altered his appearance to look more like the famed Man of Steel.

According to the author, "His look appears to be an amalgamation of all the actors who have played Superman, as well as comic book depictions of the fantasy character."  Mr. Chavez has admitted to having the following procedures to make him look more like Superman: Chin augmentation to give him Superman's iconic cleft, Rhinoplasty to transform his Asian nose into one more closely resembling Superman actor Christopher Reeves, Silicone injections to his lips to make them fuller and thicker And thigh implants to make his legs appear more muscular. From what he did to himself, He might could suffer in different sickness and can lead him to deceased. Everything he did was because of his obsession to it.

Its okay to imitate that character that you are dreaming to be. You can look like your favorite character by just wearing that character's outfit or dress. But when it comes to changing yourself, just to look exactly your favorite character, then you should think about it all over again, to prevent regretting in the future. People might judge you from what you did to yourself. You know that its really bad when it comes to "too much" right? Your body is a gift from God and someday you will return it to Him. So you must take good care of your body. And also it has advantages that can lead you to many problems like sickness. Thus its better to go in easy ways when portraying someone than making too much for it, like plastic surgery.


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